Your Travels Your Outdoors

. . . . And workouts.

Have you been out much?  You should.  No matter what season it is you should be active, whether it be swimming, snow boarding, running around the park, or having a picnic outdoors.  Share your workouts.  Share your goals with others.   How many push ups did you do?  Did you walk your dog today?  Are you trying to hit the gym everyday?

Feel free to display any photos you have.  Drop pictures of your favorite cities that you traveled from, your beach sunsets, your dogs, taking dinner outside, your vagabonding explorations in the Australian Outback, your stars.

Note:  Apparently doesn’t allow pictures in comments, just youtube videos.  Feel free to write about your outdoors your workouts and send the link to your flickr or photobucket.  Do send me pictures via email, and I’ll make a post for it dedicated to you on the main pomegranate blog.


6 Responses to Your Travels Your Outdoors

  1. Vegas!

    Vegas from the car.

    Vegas on a bridge. (Yes I’m wearing a turban)

    Vegas at the Bellagio.

    Vegas on the ceiling of the Bellagio.

    Vegas in an alley at the Imperial Palace where we stayed

  2. Camping In Shaver Lake, Fresno.


    Getting my shorts pulled down 😛


    Rock Creek.

  3. Sunsets from the car.


  4. I went to the Eat Real Festival in Downtown Oakland, near John London Square.

    The Crowds

    Sweet Potato Pie

    The Art

    Roasted Figs, Ceviche, Chips, and Chicken.

    Crazy Paellala Pot

  5. More pictures of Vegas and Camping

    Pool at Ceasar’s Palce

    Fountain Replica (Forgot the name)

    Lake off the Highway in Fresno

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