Your Websites

Everyone needs to be somewhere, everyone needs direction.  By using sites like yelp making it easier to choose restaurants, and care2, by providing an email that helps environmental sustainability, we are finding easier and more productive ways to live our lives.  This section isn’t for waste your time playing Atari video games online.  It’s about putting people in the right direction through what’s available on the internet.
Tell us your domain and the purpose for your favorite websites.


3 Responses to Your Websites


    Care2 is an email provider which is focused on environmental sustainability. It has news on environmental politics, ways to be more eco-friendly, and the ability to help others and the biosphere by signing petitions, winning and redeeming credits, and by inviting your friends. It’s free and the purpose is to encourage others to think about the Earth.

  2. is a community of people who hosts travelers by letting them crash on their couch. It’s meant to meet new people, see new places, have new experiences. Members can be verified by either background checks, recommendations, and reviews by other members.


    Okay Okay, I’m a little new at this, but you can totally download photo files incredibly fast on here. At first I was just doing it one by one, and then I realized just maybe if I can click and highlight all of them, I didn’t have to take turns. Yep! That’s possible! I pretty much click and dragged my life in pictures. And threw them on the internet. Now they’re floating around somewhere in case my house catches on fire or it get’s robbed by aliens and the first thing they go for is my baby pictures 😀

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