Your City

What makes your city great?  Is it the coffee shops, the raves, the house parties, the skyscrapers, the art scene, the people.  Or why not show it by displaying pictures.  Put up youtube videos.  Put a link to your reviews.  Make a couch surfing account to host travelers, and post the link to your profile here.

Note:  Apparently doesn’t allow pictures in comments, just youtube videos.  Feel free to write about your city and post the link to your flickr or photobucket.  Do send me pictures via email, and I’ll make a post for it dedicated to you on the main pomegranate blog.


2 Responses to Your City

  1. House Party in LA:

    Shirtless part:

    The street writings:

    Shotgunning beers:

  2. A few nights and days in San Francisco:

    The bands:

    The mosh pits:


    The bars:

    The streets in the morning:

    A caterpillar in Dolores Park:

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