Listen while you write

What music are you listening to as you write your blogs?  I want to hear what you listen to.  Feel free to leave the artist and particular song down, and it might get an honorable mention.  Please only post a maximum of two songs per day.  Don’t attempt feature your whole iTunes playlist.

You could feature your song via youtube.  Click on the embed logo under the video, copy and paste it here.


13 Responses to Listen while you write

  1. Artist: Ratatat
    Song: Nostrand
    Genre: Electronic Rock

  2. Artist: Sigur Ros
    Song: Saeglopur
    Genre: Ambient Music

  3. Artist: HeyKelsey (youtube sensation)
    Song: Boats and Birds (Original Song)
    Genre: Acoustic and vocals and outdoorsy stuff for fills

  4. Consequence, by Notwist

    Twentynine palms, Arms and Sleepers

  5. Some Friday morning music!

    Nine in the Afternoon, Panic at the Disco

    Guilty Pleasure, Cobra Starship

  6. Rapid Eye Movement, Jimmy Wahlsteen

  7. Flightless Bird American Mouth, Iron and Wine

  8. Propane Nightmares, Pendulum

    Time is Running out, Muse

  9. Holiday, The Getup Kids

  10. Anyway you want, Journey cover by Rise Against

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