Introduce your blog

Feel free to share your blog in this section by posting your website domain page below, and telling Pomegranate101 a little bit about yourself.  It’ll be a great way for us to all meet and find out about each other’s writings.  Do say hello 🙂

I, too, will be introducing new blogs that I’ve come upon that I really enjoy.

Thank you for participating,

* Jonathan Manor


5 Responses to Introduce your blog

  1. Hey Guys, New at this Blogging Malarkie so I thought where else to get started to introduce myself and find some interesting blogs to follow myself but here! I can’t exactly say what my blogs are about yet as Ive only done two- mind you I just started last week. So hopefully ill have an idea in a month or so and come back and update this.

  2. Preeti says:


    I Have been blogging for a while now !…And would love to find takers and critics for my thoughts !…Hmm

    I have two blogs basically coz I always believe that theres two sides to me! One is a deep thinking ,philosophical girl so I express all my serene thoughts in this blog-
    and another is the fun loving fashion savvy brat ! so my other blog is

    Have a look ..
    Share some love leave some comments …to show me how i can better myself !

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