About Pomegranate101

Pomegranate101 is a blog dedicated to male fashion, exercise, dating, social groups, food, money, vagabonding, websites, literature, movies, tv shows, and all other aspects pertaining to the male criteria.  You could click on “Author’s Notepad,” to see posts that have less to do about things and more to do about my personal beliefs.

You can do a lot of interacting with my blog. Share your travels, your dating experiences, your favorite websites, tv shows, movies, and books. “Share your blog!”

There are 2 ways to become a featured blogger in pomegranate101. First by either sending me a message about an idea that you want to put forward in a post; like a topic you value, a story you want to share, or just something you enjoy like a website or tv show. Or, secondly, you could write comments on posts, write comments on pages, introduce your blog, and simply just wait for me to ask you personally to become a guest blogger.

Drop me a line. Visit my site. Let me read what you have to say.

Website:  https://pomegranate101.wordpress.com/

Twitter:    https://twitter.com/JonathanManor

Feel free to contact me with questions, remarks, happy fluffies via email:



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