The Youtube Crescendo

Throughout the years, Youtube has featured a considerable amount of hopeful musicians as an integral piece of Youtube’s success.  These acoustically bound singers are somewhat the vein of youtube’s viral existence.  Their innocent guitar skills and raw, bare, genuine vocals is nothing short of surreal.

Have a look see:

1.  HeyKelsey, Poison Oak by Bright Eyes.

. . .  also check out her cover of Why Georgia by John Mayer.

2.  ThistleandBramble, Beautiful Love by The Afters.

. . . also check out his cover of My Escape by Relient K.

3.  Gabe Bondoc, Twitter Song an Original.

. . . also check out his cover of Drops of Jupiter by Train.

4.  Allison Weiss, Kids by MGMT

. . . also check out her original, I’m Ready.

5.  Boyce Ave, Sweetest Girl by Akon

. . . also check out his cover of How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox20

6.  All Caps, Don’t Unplug Me an Original.

. . . also check out their cover of Owl City (a band I don’t like much, so it says a lot) Fireflies.

With all the talentless marketed people we call “today’s music,” you have to wonder whether the world is upside down or maybe just flat.

Who are your favorite youtube musicians?

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4 Responses to The Youtube Crescendo

  1. These guys are great too. Anaker00, Such Great Heights by Postal Service.

    . . . also check out their cover of Volcano, by Damien Rice.

  2. risha; says:

    I’m a huge Stephin Merritt fan (clearly) and as popular as she is- I think her version of “Book of Love” is really quite good:

    Also check out her version of OK Go’s Do What You Want.

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