Yakult, they look like tiny explosives.

I found one of these in my refrigerator.  Never seen it before, and honestly they probably could pass for tiny grenades or liquid explosives.  Apparently they’re called Yakult.  There’s some weird characters on it, could be Japanese, Chinese, or Muslim, I have no idea.

They honestly taste like tasty expired milk, not even kidding.  Like if milk lost it’s wholeness, and it’s dairy’ness, got a little sour, added some sugar or a lot of sugar, a hint of carbonation, and didn’t clump.  Put that formula in a 5 hour energy drink form, and you got what pretty much Yakult is.


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4 Responses to Yakult, they look like tiny explosives.

  1. messedupstateofmind says:

    I love Yakult! 🙂 Just thought I’d say it.

  2. natalie says:

    haha oh god that sounds so gross.

  3. I put these in the freezer like the box told me to, hoping that I’d get a slushy vibe. But I opened one up this morning and it was liquid. Yakult turns out to be a great reminder that your fridge is broken.

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