Twitbin! Making Tweets Easier

I just got this nifty little toy called the “Twitbin.”

I don’t like having to deal with a lot of extra stuff in my life, and the less baggage between me and my destination point, the better.  Twitbin does that with an easy to use sidebar that makes it more accessible to tweet people and get updated on what people are saying, without going to twitter’s actual site, logging in, or opening a new tab or leaving the site you were currently on.

Twitbin Sidebar

I got twitbin because I just got done stumbling across a bunch of blogs using, another neat site you should check out that I’ll probably write a post about later.  Stumbleupon had this sidebar you can download to make stumbling easier.  I like the sound of making my life easier so I downloaded it and BAM, life’s easier.  I went off stumbleupon and wanted to check my twitter.  Before I got on the site I figured they must have a sidebar thing just like stumbleupon did.  Google, and there it is!  Twitbin.

After downloading twitbin, all you have to do is click the bird icon next to your address bar, and the window pops out like it’s your firefox history.  That’s pretty much it, tweeting and seeing other people’s tweets are practical and obvious.  Enjoy tweeting!

Hey blogger!  What’s your twitter? All us bloggers should follow each other and that way we can all be notified about new posts you have up, or simply what you had for breakfast.  Happy tweeting!


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Pomegranate101 is a blog dedicated to male fashion, exercise, dating, social groups, food, money, vegabonding, websites, literature, movies, tv shows, and all other aspects pertaining to the male criteria. Enjoy!
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