Sigur Ros, the thinker music

There’s something about music that brings you back to places.  It’s like a single song is something dropped along a long hallway creating a bright vivid captivating echo.  There’s something spiritually memorable about the enlightening sound behind the music of Sigur Ros.  How the soft sparse vocals ride so perfectly over the calm carefully molded riffs.  Sigur Ros is nothing short of touching the soft inner pedals of an orchid, or watching the wind carry a feather gently to the ground.

Hoppipola, Sigur Ros

Most likely, anyone will notice that the lyrics from Sigur Ros are, indeed, not in English.  The band originated from Ice Land.  The band itself is composed of guitars, vocals, bass, drums, and keyboard.  Frontman Jon Por (Jonsi) Birgisson is the front man shaping the guitar and providing his ethereal vocal talent.  Somehow, keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson who later joined the band Sigur Ros, is the only band member with any prior musical training.

Saeglopur, Sigur Ros

The band formed in 1994.  The band is named after Jonsi Birgisson’s little sister Sigurros who was born on the same the band officially got together.  Sigur Ros has been labeled as many genre’s such as experimental rock, ambient, dream pop.

Comparable artists:
  1. Devotchka
  2. Explosions in the Sky
  3. This Will Destroy You
  4. Iron and Wine
  5. Tristeza

What are your favorite bands like Sigur Ros?


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3 Responses to Sigur Ros, the thinker music

  1. Did you know Jonsi released a solo album? You can stream it here:

    My favorite song is Boy Lilikoi.

  2. Did you know Jonsi released a solo album? You can stream it here:

    My favorite song is Boy Lilikoi.

    • Wow, I like the sound of that. It’s too bad I’m at the house of this girl I’m dating, or else I’d be totally on it right now. I feel kind of guilty that I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to go gallivanting around the internet, when I should be cozying up next to her.

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