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Care2 is a “green” free email provider that I came across as I tried to figure out a new email provider.  I use to have a yahoo account but they somehow up”down”graded by having a little tension squeezing blue rectangular loading bar appearing every single time you wanted to click on something.  As I scoured forums and talks about best free email domains, I’ve come across the enlightening Care2 website.

Care2 was found by Randy Paynter back in 1998.  Paynter’s idea was quote, “Make it easy for everyone to live a healthy, green lifestyle and impact the causes they care about most.”

As Yahoo features the latest buzz, news, and statistics, Care2 parallels it with news pertaining to human rights, women’s rights, education, global warming, animal welfare, health policies and so much more.  No more getting blindsided with celebrity scandals and prom dresses.  Unlike yahoo mail or gmail there are a lot of perks to the Care2 website.  Since Care2 is a community based email provider, members are allowed to make profiles, share pictures, even find dates with other environmental savvy people.  They provide you information about eco friendly jobs, food recipes, even advice on raising children and dating.

If that’s not enough.  Along with Care2’s free email, members also earn credits by doing small things such as opening a free email account, commenting on news feeds, taking a poll, sending an email, very everyday things can help our global community.  Certain things that these credits can redeem can be: offsetting a pound of carbon, providing safe drinking water for a child, even saving a child with antibiotics.

Everyone can get a Care2 account and I encourage everyone to sign up with Care2 and obviously live with a more greener perspective.  Start sending your emails with Care 2, fill out your profile, and before you know you’ll be helping the Earth stay happy.

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