The New Coat

A new impressive way of keeping warm is the new winter lighweight sweater coat.  Heavier than most sweaters, yet a lighter touch than most coats.  Layering has come and gone through the earlier years of this millennium, much like other fashion trends like baggy pants, puff jackets, and beanies.  It’s hard to wear layers without either looking like you’re wearing your closet or simply looking like a homeless man.

The unique casual way to dress up a sweater coat, with a colored plaid.

The more prestigous way to dress up a sweater coat, with a dress shirt and slacks.

I predict Fashion in the next years to come to be a lot about lightweight, comfort, fit, and simplicity.  The new sweater coat embodies all of those aspects.  Find one that fits your shoulders and tightly hugs your stomach when buttoned.  The heavy material but cut size provides the sweater coat much comfort and range.

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