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Oakland Rose Gardens

Have a look see! Pretty Pedals! Advertisements

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The Youtube Crescendo

Throughout the years, Youtube has featured a considerable amount of hopeful musicians as an integral piece of Youtube’s success.  These acoustically bound singers are somewhat the vein of youtube’s viral existence.  Their innocent guitar skills and raw, bare, genuine vocals … Continue reading

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Yakult, they look like tiny explosives.

I found one of these in my refrigerator.  Never seen it before, and honestly they probably could pass for tiny grenades or liquid explosives.  Apparently they’re called Yakult.  There’s some weird characters on it, could be Japanese, Chinese, or Muslim, … Continue reading

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Twitbin! Making Tweets Easier

I just got this nifty little toy called the “Twitbin.” I don’t like having to deal with a lot of extra stuff in my life, and the less baggage between me and my destination point, the better.  Twitbin does that … Continue reading

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Drawing the Curtain, a deeper look at suicide

A few years ago, on June 24 2007, Chris Benoit, an acclaimed WWE celebrity known all around the world, murdered his wife and seven year old son, before committing suicide by hanging himself.  I could never begin to imagine what … Continue reading

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Sigur Ros, the thinker music

There’s something about music that brings you back to places.  It’s like a single song is something dropped along a long hallway creating a bright vivid captivating echo.  There’s something spiritually memorable about the enlightening sound behind the music of … Continue reading

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The Immortal Peacoat

There are two things that will never go out of fashion with men; that’s women and peacoats.  The timeless peacoat has gone through history, war, film, business, church, and clothed naked female flashers ever since anyone could remember time and … Continue reading

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Can you handle being fuck buddies

“I just haven’t told her about you yet,” Lenka said. “You haven’t told her that we’re fuck buddies,” I replied. Lenka’s eyes sank down from mine.  She nervously smiled as her shoulders shrugged when she inhaled.  “I don’t like that … Continue reading

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Sidereel, the massive archive of pretty much every show ever featured on television.  Sidereel doesn’t feature clips of various episodes; they feature the full entire length of an episode.  Missed that episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel broke up, … Continue reading

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The Cocky Funny Male

Humor is said to be the central piece of attracting the opposite sex.  Communication altogether is what most people believe their relationships thrive on.  So what is it that makes a man funny, but also attractive?  Clowns are funny, why … Continue reading

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