Hey Readers!

Hey I finally moved my blog to a permanent website.  How do I know it’s permanent, because I changed my e-mail also.  I’d really love everyone who’s currently visiting me on this site to commute over to my new site:

The Titan Project

URL:  http://thetitanproject.wordpress.com/

Email:  bricona@care2.com
I’ll give a run down on what the names mean and how I came up with them later.  Hope to see ya’ll at the new pad.  Later!

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Oakland Rose Gardens

Have a look see!

Oasis, in the middle of the rose gardens

Waterfall Stairs

Top of Waterfall Stairs

Typhoon Roses, they smell like peaches

Flower Accessories

Flower Trees

Tabby Cat by the Water

Pink Pearl Flower

Pretty Pedals!

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The Youtube Crescendo

Throughout the years, Youtube has featured a considerable amount of hopeful musicians as an integral piece of Youtube’s success.  These acoustically bound singers are somewhat the vein of youtube’s viral existence.  Their innocent guitar skills and raw, bare, genuine vocals is nothing short of surreal.

Have a look see:

1.  HeyKelsey, Poison Oak by Bright Eyes.

. . .  also check out her cover of Why Georgia by John Mayer.

2.  ThistleandBramble, Beautiful Love by The Afters.

. . . also check out his cover of My Escape by Relient K.

3.  Gabe Bondoc, Twitter Song an Original.

. . . also check out his cover of Drops of Jupiter by Train.

4.  Allison Weiss, Kids by MGMT

. . . also check out her original, I’m Ready.

5.  Boyce Ave, Sweetest Girl by Akon

. . . also check out his cover of How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox20

6.  All Caps, Don’t Unplug Me an Original.

. . . also check out their cover of Owl City (a band I don’t like much, so it says a lot) Fireflies.

With all the talentless marketed people we call “today’s music,” you have to wonder whether the world is upside down or maybe just flat.

Who are your favorite youtube musicians?
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Yakult, they look like tiny explosives.

I found one of these in my refrigerator.  Never seen it before, and honestly they probably could pass for tiny grenades or liquid explosives.  Apparently they’re called Yakult.  There’s some weird characters on it, could be Japanese, Chinese, or Muslim, I have no idea.

They honestly taste like tasty expired milk, not even kidding.  Like if milk lost it’s wholeness, and it’s dairy’ness, got a little sour, added some sugar or a lot of sugar, a hint of carbonation, and didn’t clump.  Put that formula in a 5 hour energy drink form, and you got what pretty much Yakult is.

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Twitbin! Making Tweets Easier

I just got this nifty little toy called the “Twitbin.”

I don’t like having to deal with a lot of extra stuff in my life, and the less baggage between me and my destination point, the better.  Twitbin does that with an easy to use sidebar that makes it more accessible to tweet people and get updated on what people are saying, without going to twitter’s actual site, logging in, or opening a new tab or leaving the site you were currently on.

Twitbin Sidebar

I got twitbin because I just got done stumbling across a bunch of blogs using stumbleupon.com, another neat site you should check out that I’ll probably write a post about later.  Stumbleupon had this sidebar you can download to make stumbling easier.  I like the sound of making my life easier so I downloaded it and BAM, life’s easier.  I went off stumbleupon and wanted to check my twitter.  Before I got on the site I figured they must have a sidebar thing just like stumbleupon did.  Google, and there it is!  Twitbin.

After downloading twitbin, all you have to do is click the bird icon next to your address bar, and the window pops out like it’s your firefox history.  That’s pretty much it, tweeting and seeing other people’s tweets are practical and obvious.  Enjoy tweeting!

Hey blogger!  What’s your twitter? All us bloggers should follow each other and that way we can all be notified about new posts you have up, or simply what you had for breakfast.  Happy tweeting!

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Drawing the Curtain, a deeper look at suicide

A few years ago, on June 24 2007, Chris Benoit, an acclaimed WWE celebrity known all around the world, murdered his wife and seven year old son, before committing suicide by hanging himself.  I could never begin to imagine what that feels like, or how someone can do such a thing.  Just thinking how the fabric of the rope must’ve burned in his hands as he pulled it tighter to the ledge, staring readily into the night sky, the pulsating piercing tension squeezing his skull, tears drawing like a curtain over his face, right before he liberated himself from everything he knows, diving over the balcony.

Chris Benoit

The above description was just how I could imagine Benoit’s suicide.  How he actually hung himself, what he used, and the minor details­, I just could not find on the internet.  Suicide is a hard thing a lot of America goes through.  The seething emotional climactic act of taking one’s own life is tragic from the day everything starts going wrong.  Immediately after Benoit’s actions the media was alerted and everyone around the world described Benoit as crazy, insane, over stressed, and sweltering over problems with his marriage and finances.  They were all guesses, hypothesis, estimated impulses told from everywhere all across the universe in waves.

Immediately, audiences of wrestling entertainment wondered how this would interfere with pro wrestling everywhere.  After this occurrence, would it still be logically to let their children watch an already unethical program influencing violence, sex, and steroids.  Furthermore, should a television program such as WWE even exist after such a tragic occurrence?  What would this do to audiences everywhere which were saturated by easily influential children?  Most of the public urgently tried pulling their children away from the television screens; a television show they most likely already tried so hard to pull their kids from.

Chris Benoit with fellow wrestler Eddie Guerrero, who's career also ended tragically

Was it really logical to draw the curtain?   Families everywhere were outraged, the news blared everywhere, across living rooms, talked over dinner, through friends, through parents sinking their heads in disappointment.  Chris Benoit was just human.  A man with problems who couldn’t take it anymore and his actions were looked down upon.  But is it ever really necessary to close down the industry that he worked for.  If a fireman kills himself after long waking hours of post traumatic stress disorder, do we turn off the lights on the firehouse?  When a bank gets robbed and one of the employees is shot, injured, even tragically murdered, do we close the bank and move onto internet banking.  But of course not banks, much like firemen, are an essential need of humanity.  However, do we need entertainment?

It is not just entertainment.  It is not just a job.  It is an industry fanned over the years with large audiences and legions of followers marching into amphitheatres, cheering until their voices become raw, and then cheering some more.  At these times people forget the great moments that something, something that seemed so wrong, brought into their lives.  That is what we seek to remember after the fog has cleared after tragic moments; after break ups, after divorce, after losing a job, after dropping out of college, after seeing someone you love commit suicide.  That is what we fail to see during those tense panic covered times.  We forget the good times that someone or something has brought into our lives.

May 21, 1967 - June 25, 2007

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Sigur Ros, the thinker music

There’s something about music that brings you back to places.  It’s like a single song is something dropped along a long hallway creating a bright vivid captivating echo.  There’s something spiritually memorable about the enlightening sound behind the music of Sigur Ros.  How the soft sparse vocals ride so perfectly over the calm carefully molded riffs.  Sigur Ros is nothing short of touching the soft inner pedals of an orchid, or watching the wind carry a feather gently to the ground.

Hoppipola, Sigur Ros

Most likely, anyone will notice that the lyrics from Sigur Ros are, indeed, not in English.  The band originated from Ice Land.  The band itself is composed of guitars, vocals, bass, drums, and keyboard.  Frontman Jon Por (Jonsi) Birgisson is the front man shaping the guitar and providing his ethereal vocal talent.  Somehow, keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson who later joined the band Sigur Ros, is the only band member with any prior musical training.

Saeglopur, Sigur Ros

The band formed in 1994.  The band is named after Jonsi Birgisson’s little sister Sigurros who was born on the same the band officially got together.  Sigur Ros has been labeled as many genre’s such as experimental rock, ambient, dream pop.

Comparable artists:
  1. Devotchka
  2. Explosions in the Sky
  3. This Will Destroy You
  4. Iron and Wine
  5. Tristeza

What are your favorite bands like Sigur Ros?

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The Immortal Peacoat

There are two things that will never go out of fashion with men; that’s women and peacoats.  The timeless peacoat has gone through history, war, film, business, church, and clothed naked female flashers ever since anyone could remember time and clothing.  The peacoat is the one piece of clothing that would never ever need to be innovated and on some level, may never need to be washed.  The peacoat is the legendary chain mail that armors every modern knight.

The peacoat in the past, future, and present. From Left to Right: Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes, Sam Worthington in Terminator Salvation, and Josh Hartnett in Wicker Park

Throughout history, the peacoat has been used to clothe generals, knights, fancy gentlemen.  It has climbed down the ages hugging the shoulders of Manhattan’s elite, being a controversial sign of rebellion, mystery, depth.  As it’s tail ends ride the silent winds, it is nothing more than a sign of a hero and adventurer.

Peacoats in movies. Left to Right: Gaspard Ulliel in Hannibal Rising, Wesley Snipes in Blade, Matthew Mcfaden in Pride and Prejudice, Keanu Reeves in Matrix

Where would the world be without the peacoat?  There, of course, are other coat staples that have come and gone, and now are hidden in select regions and clicks:

The leather jacket:  The leather jacket blew up in the 80’s when punk rock erupted with bands like The Ramones and The Clash.  The leather jacket was of short length and tight fitting.  Where is it now, but worn by retired motorcyclist, simply fulfilling their ever continuing image of a renegade attitude.

The Puff Jacket:  The puff jacket exploded in the 90’s with hip hop artist like Timberland, Snoop Dogg, and even Aliyah.  The puff jacket was worn by both genders.   Where is it now?  Snowboarders.

The anorak, the vest, the suit, the sports coat, the sway jacket, no one stand the shivering cold wearing these articles.  And perhaps, other than the sports coat and the suit, where are they other than slowly inching themselves from the 90’s.

Peacoats in comics and animation. From left to right: Sephiroth from Final Fantasy, Gambit from Marvel Comics, Grifter from Image Comics

No other coat holds onto the shoulders like a peacoat.  No other coat has enough fabric to survive several feet of snow and still look stylish.  No other coat is more stylish.  No other coat is more mandatory and essential to any integral man.  If by any chance someone robs a bank, tries to take over the world, or holds a blonde back arching female damsel in distress, no one is more qualified to save the day, than a man in a peacoat.

This has been a tribute for peacoats.

What’s your favorite coat?  Favorite peacoat protagonist or antigonist and movies?

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Can you handle being fuck buddies

“I just haven’t told her about you yet,” Lenka said.

“You haven’t told her that we’re fuck buddies,” I replied.

Lenka’s eyes sank down from mine.  She nervously smiled as her shoulders shrugged when she inhaled.  “I don’t like that word,” she said.

Lenka had never been in a relationship.  From what she told me, she was always nervous around boys and now men.  Although she was obviously beautiful, athletically slender, and most importantly, she had incredibly exceptional skills in the kitchen, she had never had the privilege of being asked out.  She believed that since she grew up this way she always had commitment issues.  She was scared of being anyone’s boyfriend.  She had never been part of an item.

I, on the other hand, wanted to be in a relationship.  The long pressured nights of trying to pull girl’s numbers, and find ways, and places, to pull off their clothes and fuck them was becoming stale and bland, not to mention took a heavy toll on who I wanted to be.  I, of course, enjoyed sex.  The chase for it was becoming less and less exciting.  After awhile I just wanted someone to hold in my arms and wake up next to.  I just wanted someone to stay.

I understood where Lenka was in life; just graduated college, lives in an apartment, no parties, dinner with wine, and a nine to five job.  She was an adult.  It was her time to have “me time.”  It was her time to be an independent woman, and I didn’t feel right imposing on that.

To be in a relationship is to hope that someday you’ll have someone plop on one knee and give the whole wedding snow brigade; the white diamond ring, the white dress, the white church, with white flowers, probably even in a few inches of fluffy white snow.  However, why would an early twenty something want to get into a relationship?  Are they saying, “Yeah I call this guy my boyfriend because I want him to marry me in a few months.”

If the twenty something relationship isn’t looking for wedding bells, what are you looking forward to, other than the end?  If this isn’t the ideal guy, what are they holding out for?  Is it because these young twenty something’s can’t see themselves having a fuck buddy, a sexual partner that comes in and out of their lives.  Or is it because they want to take long chastised turns at a time so they won’t be labeled as sluts, whores, or polygamist?

The human body yearns to have human contact.  Yearns for ecstasy, yearns for touch, lips, grabbing, sex, sex, and more sex.   In American society you never hear about a celebrity going from bed to bed to bed with other celebrities.  If it is, it’s at least hidden, and if it is you don’t hear much of it.  However, us American’s, love celebrity break ups, celebrity get togethers, and celebrity get back togethers.  For a long time I’ve wondered, what is it that makes young twenty somethings seat themselves into a relationship.

A few months ago I made future plans to go traveling.  I thought of gorgeous places like backpacking all over Europe; walking the hills of Ireland, taking pictures of Rome, partying in Barcelona, and exploring the taste of authentic Italian pizza.  I thought about vagabonding all over Asia, Australia, South America; attempting to dance horribly to Bollywood, exploring the jungles in Brazil, having a beer in Australia while staring at Koalas.  I wondered what it would all be like, the scents, the taste, the feel.  Then I laid there thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice to share that with someone.”

By Jonathan Manor

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Sidereel.com, A Television Haven

Sidereel, the massive archive of pretty much every show ever featured on television.  Sidereel doesn’t feature clips of various episodes; they feature the full entire length of an episode.  Missed that episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel broke up, they’ve got that one.  Missed the whole season bridging where Rachel gets pregnant until Joey proposes to her in the hospital with Ross’s ring, yep, they’ve got that one too.  There’re a lot of things everyone misses on television being that television is focused on getting your dedicated weekly attendance.

Did you get into Supernatural in Season 4 when they sent Dean to go to hell and an angel named Castiel pulls him out to stop Lucifer from escaping?  Didn’t know Supernatural had angels?  Want to track back.  Want to see the prior seasons.  How about seeing what started it all by watching the pilot where the Winchester’s mother gets sucked into the ceiling and the whole house ignites into hellfire.  Sidereel has it, watch it over and over.  Sidereel has Supernatural’s history, along with everyone else’s favorite shows, like Gossip Girl, Niptuck, Vampire Diaries, Monk, The Simpsons, and so much more.

Sidereel began in 2007.  In 2008 SideReel was chosen by AlwaysOn in their list of OnHollywood 100 Top Private Companies.  Along with full feature episodes, it also has forums in which users can write comments and discuss shows.

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